Strumpfis mit perfekter Passform, die lange halten und durch und durch umweltfreundlich hergestellt werden? Ja! Katrine und Frederik Lawinsky sorgen mit ihrem Dänischen Label Dear Denier für gut gelaunte Beine: Im Programm sind tolle Farben, wunderschöne Muster und natürlich Klassiker, die sich alle ganz wunderbar anfühlen.

Und hier ihr Manifest:

The Dear denier sustainability manifesto

Being a fashion accessories maker is for us all about owning up to our responsibility and challenging the status quo by exploring alternative roads that do not have the same harmful environmental impact and human costs as the conventional way. And when the alternative options are presented to the consumers, it is of course our hope that each and every one will make their buying decisions on informed basis. Our sustainability manifesto prescribes how we work to push for change.

Use new technology to push for further development

We are lucky to have gained access to a relatively new technology that makes it possible to utilize waste nylon and make it into new nylon – and maintain a truly high quality. But we are also doing innovative testing with a wide range of newer yarns like bio-organic nylon fibres, natural fibres, and man made fibres with extremely high sustainable value. Our yarns and suppliers have certificates such as OEKO-TEX®, EU Ecolabel, GOTS, Global Recycled Standard, DETOX, HIGG INDEX, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001.

Use the sustainable opportunities already available

Our products are produced exclusively in Italy at zero-waste factories that focus on minimizing environmental impact by for example cleaning wastewater and air, waste sorting, using solar power and other renewables, and by minimizing the use of chemistry.

Our approach enables us to save considerable amounts of water and energy and to achieve a significant reduction in our CO2-emissions when we make our products. For example we see savings of about 80% in CO2 emissions and 90% in water consumption when using recycled nylon. It is significant and something that could help bring the industry around if implemented on a big scale.

Work with experts and share information

We are working closely with yarn state-of-the-art manufacturers and factories that also have a strong focus on sustainability and this makes it possible to further develop innovative yarns and products. Our close collaboration with industry experts makes it possible for us to be at the forefront of the innovation curve despite being a small company.

Make design and technology go hand in hand

For us it is important not to only see ourselves as a design company – we are just as much a technology company. This means that we try to drive innovation in the field with our partners. We have been lucky with our partners who really believe in our vision of creating a new way of doing things in industry and they are supportive in pushing for change.

Take control of the value chain

The industry is largely controlled by middlemen, subcontractors and private label manufacturers. And it can be quite a jungle to navigate in. For us the only way forward has been to take full ownership of the value chain and to create a transparent supplier setup and be up close with the product all the way from design to choosing raw materials until packaging the goods and so on.